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Rental Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions of Hire are set out below.
Please read this section carefully before completing the Booking Request Form.
If you make an online booking, it will be assumed you have read these terms and conditions and agree to fully abide by them.

Drivers must be over 25 and not over 76 years of age.
Drivers aged 25 and over must have held their license for at least one year.
Additional drivers can be included at no extra charge by arrangement.

In addition to holding a licence for one years as stated above, drivers who have the UK photo ID drivers licence will have to supply us with their Driving License Number and national insurance number or a UK Drivers License check code which is available from Here. (Tip:UK Drivers License Number usually starts with the first five digits of the drivers surname and is located at number five on the license.)

Failure to produce your licence means we are unable to hire vehicles to you.
Certain endorsements are subject to individual acceptance (six penalty points or more and we will be unable to supply a vehicle for hire).

Rates include VAT and standard comprehensive insurance but not collision damage insurance whilst being driven by the Hirer.

Orkney Car Hire vehicles are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy but certain occupations may require you to provide your own insurance. Please request an occupational list from us if you feel you may fall into this category.

As the hirer, you are responsible for any damage to vehicles whilst the vehicle is in your control or custody and on hire.

Your comprehensive insurance cover, which is included in the hire costs, limits your financial responsibility for any damage to £500, but this can be further reduced to £350 if you opt to purchase Collision Damage Insurance. This is available at an additional cost of £5 per day or £30 per week and we strongly recommend you avail yourself of this option, not only for the peace of mind but also to reduce your financial liability to £350 for each and every incident.

This insurance must be purchased at the commencement of hire.

Please note Collision Damage Insurance does NOT cover your financial liability for the full cost of repairing and/or replacing tyres, wheels, wheel trims, wing mirrors, keys, immobilisers, cigar or cigarette burns or any other damage to the interior of vehicles in your possession. These costs will be borne by you, as the hirer, should such incidents occur during the hire.

Please note collision damage insurance will not be available to Foreign Nationals and the insurance excess will be £1500.


Payment for full hire must be made at the commencement of hire.

As the hirer you have unlimited mileage in Orkney.
Hire vehicles must not leave the Orkney jurisdiction.

Vehicles are supplied full of fuel and should be returned with a full fuel load. Hirers pay for all fuel used whilst vehicles are on hire.

If vehicles are returned without a full fuel load, you will be charged for the appropriate fuel amount plus a minimum handling fee of £6 sterling (including VAT).

If the hirer accidentally fills the hire vehicle with the wrong fuel type, the hirer will be responsible for any repair bill plus the cost of refueling the hire vehicle with the correct fuel type.

Orkney Car Hire operate a strict no smoking policy in all of its hire vehicles.

As the hirer, you are responsible for the repair of all punctures whilst the vehicle is rented to you.

As the hirer, you are responsible for all parking fines and traffic penalties.

In normal circumstances, the hirer will inspect the rental vehicle with a staff member prior to the beginning of the hire and also at the end of the hire period.

In the unlikely event we require additional payments from you, e.g. for fuel replenishment or vehicle damage, we shall attempt to contact you, prior to deducting the relevant amount from your account. However, we do reserve the right to deduct any legitimate amount from you at anytime, whether you are present or if we are unable to contact you.

In addition to your rental costs, you may be required to pay a delivery charge. This depends on where you pick up and where you leave (drop down) your vehicle.

Please note 'Pick-up' and Drop-down' points incur separate charges.

Pick up and drop down in the Kirkwall area and Kirkwall Airport are completely free.

Any other location will incur a delivery charge. This includes any accommodation location outside Kirkwall.

We do not deliver to the Ferry Terminals but there is an excellent coach service from them to Kirkwall.

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